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Your Breakthrough Call Has Been Booked!

Just a few more steps!
Step #1 Watch this Video! 👇

Reminders: Before The Call......

  • Set aside 45 minutes to 1-hour of uninterrupted time, in a quiet area where you can take notes and be comfortable sharing intimate details about your situation.

  • Check your email and spam folders for the email confirmation to access the Zoom link and be on time!

  • Watch the video on 'The 3 Types of Healing Journey's'. Don't skip the video because it really paints the picture for what your healing journey is going to look like in the program.

  • Be prepared to answer some deep questions because we're going to be digging deep into the challenges and issues you've been facing thus far.

Step #2 Watch this Video! 👇

Step #3 Check Out These Client Testimonials! 👇

Client Testimonial Instagram Story.png



"I felt so much empathy from Jerica, I felt safe. I am especially grateful that she helped me discover and meet tender parts of myself I wouldn’t have met without her. It would have taken me YEARS to get this wisdom on my own!"


B2B Client Testimonial.png

“I usually don’t give testimonies but this program is very inspirational to me. After being divorced for 4 years I was still stuck. I blamed him for the longest and then I blamed myself. There was no closure, I was tired of myself. I stumbled across Jerica and her videos on instagram to find help so I can have some relief. I was ready to let go and move forward but I was unsure of how to do that. Jerica recommended her Betrayed to Beloved program. This program is amazing! I learned how to process my emotions, which then made forgiveness possible. Beyond that I learned the importance of self love. I recommend her coaching to anyone experiencing heart break. Jerica is such a beckon of light. I promise if you are serious about healing, you have come to the right place.”

Peace & Love, Josie

Step #4 Binge Extra Resources! (if you want)👇

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