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.........As the nights grow longer, and the days wane, the Moon takes her throne and reigns the starlit expanse. It’s a time for magic, mystery, and the luminous beauty of the moon that lights up our nights.......

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Welcome to Jerica’s Celestial Soiree—a flirty, fun, and heartfelt rendezvous under the virtual night sky. Drape yourself in your coziest, cutest, or most dazzling jammies, and come prepared with your favorite munchies and moonlit beverages.

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Emotional Connection & The Inner Self- Recognizing and honoring our moon sign can give us deeper insight into our emotional needs. Just as the Moon goes through phases, so do our emotions.

Moon Phases & Cyclical Living- Living in harmony with the Moon's phases can guide our self-care routines, so we'll learn about all the Lunar Phases of the Moon.

Moon & Nurturing Energy- The Moon is often linked to the maternal, nurturing energy in astrology. It's associated with comfort, safety, and how we take care of ourselves and others so we will learn about the Moon's association with the Mother archetype, nurturance and self-care.

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A Virtual Pajama Jam From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Note: Detailed birthday information is collected to provide your astrology birth chart and moon info!

See You There Girl!

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