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My Story

Back in 2016, I began a spiritual journey that would change my life forever. Raised non-denominational Christian, I began to feel an emptiness, a void of some sort in my spiritual life. I started searching for answers to life's big questions, you know, the ones we all think about but are too ashamed to ask aloud.....yea, those. Anyway, the answers I received still left me feeling empty and just......unfulfilled. It was like I had this thirst that I couldn't quench. All I knew was one thing for certain, and that was this, I needed and craved a deeper connection with the Creator, and much to my surprise, a deeper connection with myself. 

Seeking for the keys to unlock this mystery, I began to realize how much I actually enjoyed exploring and learning about other cultures, faiths, healing modalities, philosophies, spiritual practices and thought. My curiosity was so strong. How could these faiths outside of what I knew to be true, also be true? Oh boy was I in for the ride of my life trying to answer that one! I trepidatiously took the plunge to explore and see where my studies would take me, and I am still in the midst of that plunge.


Skipping ahead a bit, by 2018 I was completely immersed in my spiritual journey. I began studying traditional astrology, tarot and energy healing and through my research and learning of the Ayurvedic dosha system, I began to finally see myself and my purpose more clearly. I began to gain confidence in operating as ME, in MY element, being myself authentically. Since then, I have made it my mission to serve as a vessel for inspiration to flow from Spirit to humanity in hopes that by doing so, humanity, as individuals and collectively, feel accepted, understood, whole, healed and nurtured; from that,

Inspired By Jerica Brechae, LLC was born.

The etymology of the word Inspired derives from the Latin word Inspirare meaning "blow into, breathe upon,"excite, inflame," also, "to fill, to prompt or induce".


This could be translated as "to be infused with Divine inspiration and/or to communicate with the Divine".​​

Today, my mission is to empower women to remember their true selves, reclaim their personal power, and live authentically. Through energy healing, transformative education, and astrology, I aim to create a nurturing and supportive space for personal growth and self-discovery. By guiding women on a journey of reconnecting with their inner wisdom and cultivating self-confidence, I hope to inspire them to embrace their unique light and positively impact the world around them.

My Certifications:

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner (via SWIHA)

Clinical Hypnotherapist (via SWIHA)

Life Coach (via SWIHA)

Usui Method Reiki Master (via Beacons of Change)

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