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Welcome to my Inspired Blog!

Just me in the midst of blogging my thoughts out
Just me in the midst of blogging my thoughts out...

Warmest Greetings Inspirational!

Today I decided to start my own blog. Why? Well, in all honesty, the decision was birthed out of pure frustration....

So what had happened was, I was sitting in my home office, brainstorming on how to better market my brand and share my message with those who could benefit from it. In September 2022, I launched my Foundations of Energy Healing Course and in October, my Introduction to Crystal Healing Webinar. I marketed it on YouTube and Instagram and thought for sure that it would be booming by now.
It's been pretty disheartening because I have the content (including free stuff), I know my message, I'm doing the marketing, handing out business cards, you name it. BUT HELLO!? Where the heck are my people!? Where is my tribe!? Where my kin folk!? LOL

How can I better reach like-minded people? People who want to learn from me and share my passion for spirituality, science, philosophy and psychology? Well, I don't quite have the answers just yet, but I will soon......I hope (gulp). Anyway, that's how I ended up here chatting with you. I'd love for you to get to know me since you're all up in my inner space, reading my deepest thoughts and eavesdropping on conversations I have with myself. If you haven't checked out the My Story (about me) page, please'll get you caught up with my story and how I ended up on this spiritual journey to begin with as well as the inspiration behind my brand.

I'm not exactly sure how often I'll be blogging. I won't get too bent out of shape about it with scheduling but for now, lets just say you can expect to hear from me regularly. Cool? Good. That's it for today. Catch you in the next one!

with love, Jerica

A Quote I Pondered Today:

The world view aspect of science has come to inhibit and constrict the free inquiry which is the lifeblood of the scientific endeavor -Rupert Sheldrake

Books I'm Reading & Studying From:

Five Spirits by Lorie Eve Dechar
Mother Hunger by Kelly McDaniel
How To Meet Yourself by Dr. Nicole LePera
Evolutionary Herbalism by Sajah Popham
Ancient Astrology Vol. 1 by Demetra George

Current TV Shows I Watch:

Fleishman's in Trouble (Hulu)
House of the Dragons (HBO)
Gossip Girl (new version) (HBO)
The Serpent Queen (Starz)
BMF (Starz)

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Niiya Isichei
Niiya Isichei
Feb 04, 2023

I am here for it !!

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