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Online ONLY

Self-Discovery Coaching - 4 Sessions

4-week Coaching Package | 1 Session per Week

  • 1 hour
  • Via Zoom

Service Description

Every one of us, at various stages in life, feels stuck, overwhelmed, or on the verge of losing oneself amidst life's chaotic dance. It's easy to feel lost when the weight of the world seems too heavy. This 4-session coaching package is your sanctuary to rediscover, redefine, and rejuvenate. Here, it's all about you - your challenges, your dreams, and your path to a more centered self. Session Breakdown: Session 1: Discovery & Alignment Objective: To truly listen to your story, your aspirations, and your fears. Together, we'll pinpoint up to two pivotal areas or challenges that resonate deeply with your current journey. What to expect: A genuine heart-to-heart, a space of non-judgment, and the first step toward understanding and healing. Sessions 2-4: Dive Deep & Evolve Objective: To walk side by side with you as we navigate the depths of your chosen topics, seeking clarity, acceptance, and empowerment. What to expect: Moments of reflection, breakthroughs, and perhaps some tears, all leading to a stronger, more resilient you. Your Heartfelt Coaching Experience: -Moving Forward with Grace: We all have a past, some shadows, and maybe a few regrets. Here, we embrace them, learn from them, and then gently set our sights on what lies ahead. Every step is about nurturing the promise of a brighter tomorrow. -Touching Every Aspect of Your Life: As you evolve, every facet of your life receives that newfound light. Relationships, career, parenting – while I don't specialize in coaching in those distinct areas, the magic is that by working on the core – YOU– everything else starts to beautifully align. -Finding Strength in Vulnerability: This is a safe space. It's okay to let down your guard, to speak your truth, and to feel. In that vulnerability, we often find our most profound strength. Reminders: You are the Heart of This Journey: Always remember, this sacred space we create is for you, about you. Your growth, your breakthroughs, and your healing are at the core of our time together. Seek Progress, Not Perfection: We're not chasing an illusion of a flawless life. Instead, we're embracing the beauty of progress, of growth, and of understanding life's ebb and flow. Transformative Ripples: The beauty of focusing on you is that the waves of positive change will touch every corner of your world, leading to a more harmonious, contented life.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds Policy: Due to the nature of the Services, no refunds will be provided under any circumstances once a session has been booked and paid for. However, if you are unable to attend the scheduled session, you may reschedule for a later date. ________________________________________ Rescheduling: If you wish to reschedule your session, please notify Inspired By Jerica Brechae, LLC at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to notify within this time frame may result in the forfeiture of your session without the opportunity to reschedule.

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